More Southern Pacific 4449: video by Skip Weythman

More SP4449!

Here is more video of the beautiful SP4449.  SkipW at YouTube is one of my favorite videographers of Steam locomotives and steam trains in the United States.  He is known to take beautiful High Definition videos of Pacing scenes.  Pacing, for those of you who are not rail fans, is when the photographer rides beside the steam locomotive as they are running parallel in photographing/videoing.  For me, it is almost the quintessential element of an all-round ‘good’ and ‘exciting’ video or film, when some kind of pacing scene is involved.  So many videographers just show endless run-by scenes, it is monotonous and somewhat too detached.  When pacing scenes are included in at least a part of the video, I particularly feel that the viewer can get more of the feel of the locomotive– its energy, strength, speed and motion– its spirit.  Thank you Skip for your great Pacing scenes!

This video is from July 31, 2009 when the Southern Pacific ‘Daylight’ ran through the Rocky Mountains in the Western United States.


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