C62: Japan’s Most Famous & Largest Express Steam Locomotive

Japan’s steam locomotive designs originally began with the first imports from Great Britain.  Later, it became familiar with Dutch designs but were not known for nothing other than imitations of the Pacific and Mikado locomotives, and others.

The C62 became Japan’s most internationally famous for its Hudson design, but with a few original design techniques, as well as its amalgam of Dutch, British, American and Japanese sensibilities.  Today, one C62 remains in operation in short runs in a part.  It ran longer excursions into the early 2000 but was retired.  Japan, however, prides itself in its history and the locomotives as a part of it and will most likely run the C62 at a later time, for longer excursions.  The D51, the C57, C58, and C11 locomotives, other of the most famous and representative of Japanese steam locomotive designs, are still running in many excursions and specials year-round.  Stations are usually packed by fans and photographers.  The Japanese public, in general, are lovers of the steam locomotive, as part of their past.

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