China’s Last Steam

China’s steam locomotives are among the most photographed in the world.  People come from the world over to film their steam because of some spectacular vistas that showcase some of the beautiful and immense, and diverse landscape that is China combined with the best of what steam has to offer, showing its power, grit and beauty in spectacular fashion.

The region/rail line that became, perhaps, the most photographed steam rail line in the world for a decade, was the Jingpeng Pass along the JiTong Line in Mongolia.

There are remaining coal and other mineral industry steam still operating in China.  Much of of it would’ve disappeared but due to the recent interest of Europeans, Japanese and American interest in China steam, some of the lines have remained.

I will be posting more as time goes.  Here are a few videos to start.  has some of the best professionally done video essays and documentaries on world steam, including those of China, North Korea, and others.

Unfortunately– seems to have gone out of business.  But there are many videos of Chinese steam.

Here are others to introduce you to Chinese steam in the 20th and 21st century —


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