LAST TRAIN HOME – music video by 4101950

This is one of my favorite YouTube videos edited and mixed by 4101950 on Youtube.

US Jazz music artist Pat Metheny’s piece: “Last Train Home” is put to a great montage of some of the world’s most beautiful steam locomotives, most of them still in operation today.


Union Pacific 844 (USA)

The Union Pacific (UP) 844, is one of the most famous locomotives in the United States.  It has been called one of the most elegant and sleek locomotives ever created in the United States.  It has also been the only locomotive of all the US railroad companies to have never been taken out of service, and is the longest-running steam locomotive to be in service in the US.

When it was due to be scrapped, along with most of the steam locomotives during the late 50s through the 60s, public pressure to save the locomotive was strongly heeded by the Union Pacific Railroad and the 844 was re-installed quickly.  Its name was briefly changed to 8444, when a diesel locomotive by the name of 844 was built.  The original 844 name was restored later.

Nowadays, the Union Pacific is proud of saving this locomotive, along with the giant 3985 Challenger.  Their special excursion trains that run throughout the year at various times, are sold-out routinely and draw huge crowds, of young and old alike.  There’s something about the steam engine…….